The hype involving IoT and the Smart City revolution has been going on for some time. The introduction of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) will make Smart Cities a reality.
This new communication technology will enable seamless connection of sensors and systems and really bootstrap the IoT revolution.
LoRa® is the most promising LPWAN technology with its long range wireless technology, offering unique network scalability and a 10x range extension over the existing solutions.

GIMASI can help you in being part of this revolution by providing off the shelf solutions or consulting services to help you design your next IoT solution.



The lighting infrastructure in a city is the equivalent of the central nervous system in a human body. Adding intelligence to this infrastructure paves the way to a “real” Smart City.
LumenUnda is the solution that brings this vision to reality. A state of the art remote control lighting system based on LoRa®, which is much more than a simple lighting control solution, but a fully expandable platform on which to build a future proof Smart City infrastructure.

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Simple indoor environmental sensing, for temperature, humidity, light and/or CO2 level control, or more complex outdoor sensing scenarios like traffic, noise or pollutant level measurements, is the basic requirement in a Smart City infrasctucture.
Where battery operated sensors are necessities, like remote outdoor locations or mission critical situations like flood management or avalanche warnings, to agricultural applications with long range requirements.
We can provide any of these solutions. Both based on our off the shelf products or together, we can tailor the sensor that meets your specific needs.



Our LoRa® Tracker is an advanced hardware tracking platform, leveraging GPS and LPWAN technologies in a single product.
A state of the art solution that can be declined in different scenarios. Designed to fit in minimal dimensions, with the latest generation GPS, an accelerometer/gyroscope, expandable with any kind of sensor or fitted with harvesting circuitry, to remove  battery life concerns.
We have designed a series of vertical applications to track the elderly, children, special needs persons of any age, pets and farm animals to asset management, that are available with a complete set of software tools specific for each scenario.


Metering is the classical application for a Smart City.
Most of the meter solutions are custom made for each customer.
We have the basic building blocks to deliver your design in any scenario whether you need electric, heat or water metering.
We have advanced functionalities like NFC communication, for easy commissioning of the devices, or super low power consumption for multi year battery operated sensors.


Cloud Solutions

IoT and Smart Cities is not only about Hardware, there is also much of emphasis on the software that drives the hardware.
We have a long list of software solutions: from our LoRa® Cloud service that will enable you to build your private LoRa® network, to custom sensor dashboards, to the ability to integrate our IoT solutions with your legacy software systems.
Software that can be delivered through our Cloud Solution, as a SaaS, or if required installed at the customer’s premises.
And, last but not least, full training classes of all our software solutions are readily available.


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